You can get tickets to the show by one of the following methods

  1. Go to and get your ticket online.

    This is by far the best option.  It will ensure that you will be automatically entered in all the flash draw and the Queen for the Day Grand Prize Draw.  It also will reduce the time you spend waiting in line to get in.
  2. Go to the office at 327 Second Street E. and get your tickets in person

    Same concept as #1 for those who do not like to pay online.  We take cash, credit, or cheques. NO DEBIT.
  3. Send an E-Transfer to and pick up your tickets at the door.

    You can send $11.30 per ticket via an e-transfer and convenientely pick up your tickets at the redemption counter the day of the event.  You will have all the benefits of the two options above.  Please use “womanshow” as your security answer.
  4. You can pay at the door.

    Tickets will be available the day of at the door but only prepaid tickets receive the privilege of being automatically entered in the contests.  Flash draws will still be available to door tickets at an additional step, but the queen for the day package Grand Prize is NOT available to door entry.